About Us

Pathways Academy is dedicated to the belief that a quality education is the most effective means of transforming many disenfranchised members of our society into productive citizens. The school is founded on a commitment to Jesus Christ as Creator and Lord and is driven by His example of compassion for the poor and forgotten people among us.

Pathways Academy is a fully functional middle school operating under a model developed by the Street School Network (SSN). The Street School Network operates nationwide to meet the challenges of at-risk youth by developing a network of schools that provide personalized, comprehensive education, a moral code, and tools for self-sufficiency. SSN has facilitated the development of street schools around the country that serve as educational intensive care units for those being left behind. Schools belonging to SSN are all Christian schools, though differentiated from regular Christian schools by the type of students they target for admittance. SSN is not affiliated with a particular church or denomination, therefore, it does not espouse a particular denominational doctrine, and is not financially supported by a particular denomination. SSN schools do adhere to both a general statement of Christian faith and an Essentials/Non-essentials document that describes the spiritual approach we take with students. An SSN school is differentiated from other Christian schools in that the SSN design facilitates access for all, regardless of race, religion, academic, or economic status. Acceptance of the students where they are is a defining characteristic of an SSN school.This also means that the schools are primarily privately funded, and receive no public school monies.

Pathways Academy is a ministry partner of the Pathways Danbury Youth Ministry or PDYM.  PDYM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The ministry focus affects staff recruitment, staff motivation, worldview perspective, the dynamics of the caring environment, the philosophy of student change, the selection of curriculum and outside partnerships, and is seen as the most powerful influence on healing students, helping them transform their lives, and sustaining that transformation into the future.

Our Pathways mentoring experience has also lead us to believe the Academy can be most effective focusing on an "all boys" student population. A single gender population reduces the number of distractions in the learning environment. Competition in, and sometimes violence over, clothing can also become a major distraction in the school environment; therefore uniforms are utilized to create a level playing field.