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Holocaust Museum Trip

By Staff Writer Rodrigo Pacheco (6)

On December 3rd, 2015 all the sixth grade went to a college to hear a survivor of the Holocaust. It took an hour and a half to get there and once we got there we went to the library. Once there we went down to the Holocaust museum downstairs of the library. There were two tour guides, one of them told us what we were going to do and the other told us some background knowledge and took us on a tour. Later we had lunch for a half an hour. After lunch the speaker whose name was Paul Galan talked about how it all happened when he was 6 years old and children called him a dirty Jew because he had to wear a star. Later on the story got more intense and over all the story was really informational and life changing. After the story we got story boards to write the important events about his story, we did a little bit there but had to do the rest the next day and hand in later on.

School Nurse Interview

By Staff Writer Jordan Seidl (6)

I interviewed the nurse and asked her 5 questions. The best stretch for your neck is chin to chest and head rotation shoulder to shoulder. The best thing to drink when home at home is water and sports drink Gatorade water for hydration and Gatorade for electrolytes. The skin gets hives, swelling, itching redness and rashes when something you're allergic to touched your skin. Cauliflower and broccoli are healthy because they're both vegetables. The most important meal of the day is breakfast because it gives your body energy and the nutrients it needs.

Science Field Trip - Woodcock Nature Center

By Staff Writer Jordan Seidl (6)

6,7, and 8th grade went to the Woodcock Nature Center for a science field trip. The first thing 6,7,8th did was learn about food chains - hawk eats snake eats rats. The second thing was to learn about animal skulls; bats have one of the smallest skulls. The third thing we did is put a snake around our neck, and got to look at other animals too. The 6,7,8th grade got to see a box turtle, tree frog and much more.

Christmas Survey

Photo  Article By Staff Writer Jason Marroquin (6)

In my survey most people preferred both in the first question which was "Do you prefer the gifts or spending time with your family?"

Most students picked a blanket to wear instead of layers of clothing.

Most students preferred to stay inside than staying outside.

In my question "is it serious or funny at your Christmas?" most students preferred that it is funny at their Christmas.


Harvest Dance

Article by Staff Writers Jason Marroquin (6), Rodrigo Pacheco (6) and Jordan Seidl (6)


On Friday, October 30th, the PTO set up a Harvest Dance for the kids at Pathways Academy. The first game we played was musical chairs. Then we played Soda Ring Toss and whoever won got the soda. After that was another musical chairs. (There were four rounds of musical chairs!) Then we had the pie eating contest, dancing and music, and pumpkin painting. There was also a raffle and a costume contest. Everyone had a fun time!


Field Trip to the Statue of Liberty

By Staff Writer Caleb Nelson (6)

We went to the Statue of Liberty and we saw a bunch of skyscrapers. We went on a boat ride. Some kids went to the top of the boat, but personally I was too scared to go up to the top of the boat.There was an indoor concession stand. They had good food for high prices but you would figure it is New York City. So when we got off the boat there was the back of the Statue of Liberty. It was huge. It wasn't too good of a view but it was better than not seeing anything at all. Then we got an audio tour that was like a tour guide. So we followed all the directions and it got us to the stairs of the Statue of Liberty. We walked up the stairs and all you could hear was a bunch of complaining but when we got up to the pedestal everybody was very excited and almost everybody took selfies of them and the Statue of Liberty. When we went down the stairs everybody was really excited because we walked out a door and we could see an awesome view of the pretty water. Then we went on a boat to Ellis Island. We had to go through airport-like security so then when we got on the boat we realized we didn't have enough time to go to Ellis Island. Even though it was a three hour ride and we didn't get to go to Ellis Island, it was worth it to go.

Gym Class

Article and Photo by Staff Writer Jordan Seidl (6)

In gym there are two teachers, Mr. Hough and Mr. Robinson. The 6th grade has two classes because of 6A and 6B. 6A has Mr. Hough and 6B has Mr. Robinson. For gym we go to two different places, "the cave" (multi-purpose room) and the Saint Paul's gym. 6th grade has two gym days. Mondays are workout days and Wednesday is game day. 7th and 8th have gym on Tuesday and Thursday. For them workout day is Tuesday and Thursday is game day.

Teacher Feature

Article by Staff Writers Jason Marroquin (6) and Jordan Seidl (6)

Mrs. Zars is our science teacher for Pathways Academy. She sets up a concession stand for all the kids that bring money where you can get chips, Gatorade, and more. Mrs. Zars set up an Applebee's fundraiser for our school and kids got to work there. Mrs. Zars set up a field trip also to the Woodcock Nature Center. A lot of kids liked it there. Mrs. Zars lets us do cool experiments like take rat like bones out of an owl pellet.

Ms. AlHayek is our social studies teacher and she is a good one. She likes to kid around and she is nice if you are nice. She is the reason we went to the field trip in New York. She also gave us information about the peace poster contest. Ms. AlHayek dressed up as a pink lady for Halloween with Miss Roehl.

Applebee's Fundraiser

By Staff Writer Rodrigo Pacheco (6)

At 7:30 some students including me went to the Applebee's near the AMC Loews theater to set up and help serve the hungry people coming there at 8:30. There were different jobs for the students, and they were syrup pouring, putting butter in the little cups, drink pourer's, and waiters. Also the chef's name was Tony he was the one who made the pancakes and bacon. Anyways, this whole thing was a fundraiser for the school store and PTO. We raised about $625. Thank you to everyone who came!

Peace Poster Contest

By Staff Writer Caleb Nelson (6)

We did a Peace Poster contest in Social Studies. At first it was the sixth grade but then the seventh and eighth grade joined. We all worked hard for two or three days. At first I thought that Ms. AlHayek was going to throw my paper away but she said it was amazing. When the seventh and eighth grade joined then I got scared that I was going to lose and that is what happened. I worked hard on it and I heard there was a winner and it wasn't me.Then I looked at the winning poster and I thought it was a picture from a famous artist. I wasn't mad because it was really good. The person who won the Peace Poster contest was Kevin Velecela. 

The Life of a 6A Student Named Jason

A poem by Staff Writer Jysiah Sterling (6) and Jason Marroquin (6) 


When the sun shines on my head, I arise from my bed.

I put on my shirt and then eat some yogurt.

I then put on my pants and watch my sister dance.

I put on my belt and tight is what I felt.

I tie up my shoes and I feel like I can't lose.

I wait for the bus with my friend until it gets to us.


When I get to the other school, I follow the rules.

And make sure I have my tools.

I get on the other bus then I see my mother

She gave me my gym clothes because she knows.