Academic Requirements and Grading


The Pathways Academy curriculum has been established to fully support the State of Connecticut standards for Grades 6, 7, and 8. Each student will take a full set of core courses plus 1-2 life skill courses. The current school year will consist of the following classes:




Creative Drama-1



Life Skills-1  



Physical Education-1




Social Studies-3  




Art - The arts bring another dimension to the educational program of the school: the personal dimension of feeling, sensitivity, empathy, and expression. The visual arts are important to the student because they involve him in perceiving the world, reacting to things seen and felt, and interpreting these reactions (emotions, feelings and insights) through a variety of visual materials. As a result of experiences in art courses, students will know themselves better than before, and be more confident in their abilities to know, produce, and appreciate art.

Language Arts – Middle School language arts is an integrated program of reading and writing, speaking, for listening, viewing and thinking with a focus on literacy that is supported by all the other disciplines. Our goal is to make our students life-long learners who read for pleasure as well as information and who, according to our powered content standard, “write to delight.”

Language Arts is offered in a double period block, but each student will be given separate grades for Reading and English. There are two levels of language arts offered in grades seven and eight - accelerated and academic.  In grade six all students are heterogeneously grouped in the academic level.

Mathematics - The purpose of mathematics instruction is to equip students with the math skills necessary to solve problems in real life situations, to develop confidence in their ability to use math and to develop a favorable attitude toward mathematics. Math instruction will reflect concrete hands-on experience, thinking skills, meaningful practice activities, and pertinent problem solving experience appropriate for the individual student. In grades 6 and 7 there are two levels of math instruction accelerated and academic.  In grade 8 there are three levels of math instruction: algebra, accelerated, and academic.

Music – The ultimate goal of music education is to give all children the opportunities to develop an appreciation of music. This enables students to participate in musical performance, better appreciate music as active listeners and create music of their own through a sequence of learning experiences. Activities will include singing, moving to music, reading music and listening skills.

Physical Education - The unique objective of Physical Education is to help the child acquire knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes in the importance of being physically active. The curriculum and instructional strategies reflect developmentally appropriate practices and identify specific performance outcomes that children should attain. Health and sex education topics will also be discussed in the classroom.

Science - The classroom approach used in grades 6, 7, and 8 centers around reading and a “hands-on” and “brains-on” involvement in the process of science. The type of study is based on the inquiry method of learning with laboratory experiences. Investigative, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills develop a common thread in all areas of the middle school science program. Earth, Life, and Physical science concepts are covered at each grade level.

Social Studies - The items of the middle school Social Studies program is reviewing the world from different perspectives. Knowledge is acquired, skills are developed, and democratic principles are fostered through study of a broad-based curriculum. General topics by grade include: Grade Six-- Geographic regions of the Eastern Hemisphere; Grade Seven--Geographic regions of the Western Hemisphere; and Grade Eight--United States history.