General Information

School Hours

School hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 AM to 2:00PM on Fridays. The earliest possible arrival time is 7:45 AM.

Attendance and Tardy Policy

Consistent attendance is expected of a student enrolled at the Pathways Academy. If a student indicates to us by his lack of attendance or tardiness that he is not serious about getting an education, that student will be subject to expulsion.

Inclement Weather

Pathways Academy follows the same schedule as the Danbury Public Schools for school closures or delays. Please listen and follow the same instructions given to DPS students.  Information will also be communicated via the Parent Alert system.

Lost and Found

The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Students should pay close attention to their possessions; including books, backpacks, cell phones, sunglasses, etc.  Lost and found items are located in the principal’s office for a period of one (1) week after found; then will be taken to storage until the end of each semester.  Items left unclaimed will be donated to charity at the completion of each semester.

Fire Readiness

Fire drills and emergency drills are held so that in the event of a real emergency, everyone will know exactly what to do and how to quickly evacuate our building safely. Students should know each classroom’s exit procedures as described by their teachers. During fire drills, talking is not allowed, and

Students must walk to their assigned exits and outside areas. Attendance will be taken. During emergency drills, students must cooperate fully with faculty and staff.


Each student is issued a corridor locker for their personal use. It is the responsibility of each student to properly secure their locker with a school issued combination lock. Students must keep their locker locked to avoid theft of their personal belongings. If a student loses their lock, they will be charged $5.00 for a replacement. 


Students are notto have visitors in the building. Parents should schedule visits via the teachers or Principal. All visitors must sign-in at the Principals Office.

School Supplies

Most school supplies are provided by Pathways Academy.  Students can purchase additional supplies from the school store using their Token Economis credits.


Students will be served breakfast each day at 7:45 AM. Lunch will be delivered each day from Danbury High School.  The cost of meals is included in the monthly tuition.  Food and drink is strictly prohibited in the classrooms.

Dress Code

The community and general public often judge the quality of education by the behavior, appearance, and activities of its student body. The results of one’s dress, appearance and behavior generally go far beyond the individual student. We are proud to be Pathways Academy.  One way we show this is by wearing our uniforms with pride.  Students only wear Pathways Academy shirts, tucked into navy blue or tan khaki pants with a belt.  Students do not wear long sleeve shirts under their uniform.  If a student is cold they may wear their super cozy Pathways hoodie.  Students may wear one chain under their uniform.  Students may also wear small studs in their ears and a watch.  Students do not wear any other jewelry or piercings.  Students may not come to school with temporary tattoo’s or any other body art. Our students do not wear sleeveless t-shirts on school property. There should be nothing in students’ mouths (gum, candy, straws, pencils, etc…). Footwear must be sneakers or oxford type laced shoes (black shoes are recommended). Flip-flops or sandals are not allowed. 

Appropriate Clothing for Physical Education

At the middle school level clothing which is worn in physical education shall not be worn in other classes or other parts of the school; nor shall clothing worn in regular classes be worn in physical education. When our students are at play on the court or in the gym they wear a t-shirt and athletic or sweat pants.

Library/Media Center

Our Library is an incredible resource for information and location for gathering.  It is where we work hard together to pursue excellence.  When entering the Pathways Academy library it feels like a university library- quiet and buzzing with the energy of hard working young men.  When students take books from the shelves they return them to the return baskets not the shelves.  Windows and exterior doors are not to be opened by students.  Students will only have access to computers and games when invited by the teacher. 

Field Trips

Field trips for students at Pathways Academy are planned to provide students with experiences that enrich and supplement their in-school instruction. The administration and staff feel that one day trips are of value, and students should be well-prepared for what they will be experiencing. Students will be given a preview of the trip, and significant items, displays, scenes, characters, etc. will be emphasized prior to the trip. Field trips are an extension of the curriculum and should be attended by all students. Students not attending a field trip are still expected to be in school. Students who provide a permission slip signed by their parent or guardian will be invited to participate in field trips and retreats.  Pathways Academy will provide transportation to/from these trips.

The privilege of attending field trips is predicated on the student exhibiting proper behavior. The administration reserves the right to exclude any student from a field trip based on past inappropriate or disruptive behavior. 


Pathways Academy is honored and privileged to be able to enlist a number of part-time volunteers to help carry out our mission of providing a quality education to our students.  These volunteers serve as tutors, advisors, and in other capacities.  Students are expected to treat volunteers with consideration and respect. All volunteers are screened by the Principal before having any student contact.

Public Displays of Affection

Feel free to smile, wink, shake hands, bat your eyes, wave, and occasionally hug.  Any other displays of affection are not permitted.

Gang Activity

Pathways Academy is a safe and neutral territory for all students.  Fighting, hazing, recruitment, or gang intimidation will not be tolerated.



Each student will have an advocate assigned to him. Advocates are Study Hall teachers who also act as counselors. The purpose of the advocate is to provide additional support and encouragement for students at PA and to provide direct and immediate intervention for a student in crisis.

Bus Transportation

All Pathways Academy students are entitled to ride Danbury Public School buses to school each day. Staff drivers will transport students home Monday through Thursday using Jericho Partnership vans.  On Fridays the Danbury Public School buses will pick up the students from Pathways Academy.  Students are required to ride to and from their assigned public middle school and transfer onto a bus to and from PATHWAYS ACADEMY/ENDEAVOR. It is the students' responsibility to get on the correct bus to and from school daily.

Token Economy

Token Economy is a way to teach our young men financial literacy. It is designed to provide real world experience in earning, spending, using online banking, and learning about taxes and payroll. Each student receives a paycheck every Monday for the work he did the previous week. Taxes are taken out, and the balance goes into the student's account (savings or checking). The student can use his token economy balance to purchase items from our token economy General Store.  Students are entitled to a tax return if they file their taxes by April 15. The objective of the program is to provide a real-world learning environment without the consequences of the real world.

Discipline Policy

Our goals as they relate to discipline are to preserve and maintain high academic standards and integrity; to protect the learning environment; and to create a safe place for students and faculty at the Pathways Academy. If a student causes a problem, he will be asked to fix it. If a student cannot or will not fix the problem, the school will intervene and take corrective action. What the school does will depend on the unique situations.