Standards of Conduct


Our standards of conduct are driven by our Christ-centered creed and our goal to build Christ-centered Men of Honor. The creed spells the word “CHRIST”.


Courteous & Respectful (Matthew 7:12)

I will always model the “Golden Rule”; being courteous, truthful, respectful, & use appropriate language with teachers, volunteers, peers, & others. I will also be respectful of the buildings & other property that I use.


Hopeful & Confident (Jeremiah 17:7)

Those who I meet will always be able to see and feel the hope and confidence I have in the Lord and myself  by the smile on my face, the focus of my eye contact, & the firmness of my handshake.


Resourceful & Goal Committed (Philippians 3:12)

I will work hard to establish & achieve my education and life goals so I can be all that Jesus wants me to be. I will also use my God-given ability & time wisely to become an excellent student who  approaches education with a sense of urgency.


Inspired & Close to God (Matthew 22:37;39)

I will work hard to learn and follow the word of God; consistently attending Pathways Academy Chapel and other Pathways Danbury Youth Ministry sponsored events.


Sexually Pure (1 Corinthians 6:18)

I must run away from sexual sin because it is a sin against my own body. I will also refrain from using explicit language or innuendoes that foster inappropriate sexual thoughts and behavior.  I will consistently turn away from pornography.


Trusting in the Lord (Psalm 20:7)

I will always trust in the Lord to provide for me in awesome ways; never looking to gangs, drugs, theft, or violence to solve my problems.