Health Program

Samaritan Health Center will act as Pathways Academy’s School Based Health Center. The SBHC will provide access to high quality physical and mental health services while being accessible and confidential. The SBHC will be working with Pathways Academy staff and the school nurse, which Danbury Public Schools is providing, to extend care when your child is attending school. Our healthcare provider will address physical, emotional and behavioral health issues. We will also provide collaboration and mutual respect between Pathways Academy and your child’s doctor, to promote health and educational success for your child.

Physical Exam & Immunizations

Every student in the 6th grade must have a health assessment which includes a record of the second Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination, at least one Hepatitis B vaccination, and proof of a Varicella (chickenpox) vaccination or the disease.  The student will not be allowed to enter the 7th Grade without the above information. Before entry into grade 8, all three Hepatitis B vaccinations are required.  In addition, any student entering from out of State must have a health assessment before they enter school. 

Administration of Medication at School

On rare occasions medications need to be administered during school hours. Before any medications can be administered, the SBHC enrollment form must be completed by the parent and doctor and approved by the SBHC and school principal.

Students may carry an inhaler with the approval of the doctor, parent, and principal. This privilege may be revoked if the inhaler is used irresponsibly, such as sharing it with another student.

Since most medications have side effects, please notify the principal if your child is taking any medication.

Parents should inform the school principal of any changes in their child’s general health.