Support Us

The Academy is part of Danbury-based Jericho Partnership, an organization of churches and faith-based ministries that reaches into the inner city, providing services for the poor and the homeless.

The Academy is transforming the lives of at-risk boys in the Danbury community by providing an exciting Christ-centered education alternative that develops self-confidence, respect for the individual, academic excellence, and emotional/spiritual maturity. Its students have become more academically self-sufficient and have raised their grade-point averages one full point over the course of a single academic year.

Due to our increased enrollment, we are seeking donations that can greatly assist with growing needs of the Academy. Costs for our incoming students for tuition, uniforms, books, food (breakfast, lunch and after-school snacks), field trips, after-school transportation home (after homework sessions), and often times, personal hygiene items can be offset. All donations should be sent to The Academy, 13 Rose Street, Danbury, CT 06810.

All donations are tax deductible.