Because we realize that most of our students are financially unable to pay the full cost of an education at The Academy, scholarships are awarded based on the income of each student's parents. The base fee is $200.00 per month. Scholarships can decrease the base fee to as low as $75.00 per month based on parents' incomes. It is the parent's responsibility to provide formal documentation justifying a scholarship. Tuition is charged on the 28th of each month (September - June) and payment is due by the last day of the following month. If payment lapses beyond 45 days, the student is subject to suspension and/or dismissal. If the parent expects to be late with his or her tuition, it is the responsibility of the parent to make arrangements with the headmaster in advance. Student records will not be released nor will a student be allowed to re-enroll if they have unpaid tuition.

The level of scholarship is calculated by the following scale:


Gross Annual Family Income                                                 Fee
            $50,000 and under                                                      $75/month
            $50,001 - 65,000                                                         $100/month
            $65,001 -  80,000                                                        $125/month
            $80,001 – 100,000                                                      $150/month
            $101,000 or higher                                                      $200/month